Understanding & managing music performance anxiety
Professor Dianna Kenny PhD, MA, BA (Hons), ATCL (Piano), DipEd, Grad Dip FDR

ROGD, faulty science and social contagion: Origins of a psychic epidemic
Dr Dianna Kenny PhD, MAPsS
Invited presentation to Tasmanian forum on gender identity Hobart Town Hall 26 February 2022

Psychotherapy for transgender declaring adolescents
Dianna Kenny PhD MAPsS MAPA Professor of Psychology (rtd), The University of Sydney, Society for Evidence-based Gender Medicine

Evidence-based psychiatry and psychotherapy: What works?
Presentation to National Association of Practising Psychiatrists15 February 2022

Editor Holloway, G. (Ed.) (2021): Australian perspectives on transgendering children & adolescents: Policy & practice implications
Across the world, in at least 136 countries, women’s rights are under attack. A recent upsurge in the activities of internationally funded transgender lobbies has seen a proliferation of aggressive strategies and tactics aimed at dismantling women’s hard-won sex-based rights.

Article from National Association of Practising Psychiatrists
Managing gender dysphoria/incongruence in young people: A guide for health practitioners Gender dysphoria/incongruence in young people is a contested area of medical practice. This approach avoids political, social, religious and ideological positions.

Jack Turban’s Dangerous Campaign to Smear Ethical Psychotherapy as Anti-Trans ‘Conversion Therapy’

“Mercatornet – Navigating Modern Complexities”Sex and Society – how can we bring sanity to the devotees of this transgenderism cult?

Gender Dysphoria
Affirmation only! Where’s the evidence (download)

Origins of religion

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Infant development
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Controlled crying

Psychotherapy – the talking cure
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Life expectancy of popular musicians

Sharing the world’s wealth