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Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Mediator, & Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

DiannaKenny Deep etchedDianna is a former Professor of Psychology at The University of Sydney, is now a consulting psychologist, psychotherapist, mediator, family dispute resolution practitioner, expert reviewer, report writer, supervisor, researcher, and author.

Dianna is an international authority on the treatment of music performance anxiety.




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Latest book: Gender dysphoria in children and young people. Collected papers on the psychology. sociology and ethics of gender transition.

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Dianna's rooms are near the City of Sydney CBD, Camperdown, Newtown, Ultimo, Glebe, and the Inner West and conveniently located in terms of public transport.

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Supporting gender diverse and trans-identified students in schools
Supprting Gender Diverse

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ROGD, faulty science and social contagion: Origins of a psychic epidemic
Dr Dianna Kenny PhD, MAPsS
Invited presentation to Tasmanian forum on gender identity Hobart Town Hall 26 February 2022

Dianna Kenny PhD MAPsS MAPA Profess or of psychology (rtd), The Un iversity of Sydney Society for Evidence-bas ed Gen der Medicine

Editor Holloway, G. (Ed.) (2021): Australian Perspectives on Transgendering Children & Adolescents: Policy & Practice Implications
Across the world, in at least 136 countries, women’s rights are under attack. A recent upsurge in the activities of internationally funded transgender lobbies has seen a proliferation of aggressive strategies and tactics aimed at dismantling women’s hard-won sex-based rights.

Article from National Association of Practicing Psychiatrists
Managing Gender Dysphoria/Incongruence in Young People: A Guide for Health Practitioners Gender dysphoria/incongruence in young people is a contested area of medical practice. This approach avoids political, social, religious and ideological positions.

Article in "Quillette"
Jack Turban’s Dangerous Campaign to Smear Ethical Psychotherapy as Anti-Trans ‘Conversion Therapy’

Article in "Mercatornet - Navigating Modern Complexities"
Sex and Society - how can we bring sanity to the devotees of this transgenderism cult?

Read ... Submission to the Queensland Inquiry into Outlawing Conversion Therapy

....  concludes that the Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2019, introduced into the Parliament on 28th November, the Queensland State Government lacks a scientific basis, has not established the need, overrides the basic human rights of parents, children and adolescents, deprives practitioners of ethical, autonomous clinical judgment, and has the potential to incur severe and irreversible harm on those receiving gender “affirming” therapy. 

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Go to the petition on ... Stop irreversible harms to young people by current treatments for gender dysphoria

Stop irreversible harms to young people by current treatments for gender dysphoria.