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This emphasizes how important it is to clarify which aspects of the gender debate are based on facts, and which are speculative or based on ideology. As far as I am aware, there is no evidence that gender is "innate" and there has been no convincing evidence that there is a male or female brain. There is also some recently emerging evidence that gender identity is socially constructed and influenced by parent-child interaction (see the work of Anne Fausto-Sterling). The belief in an innate, hardwired gender identity leads to certain approaches to treatment, such as socially transitioning children as early as possible and the use of puberty blockade. The "innate gender" theory means these things are seen as helpful interventions, however an alternative view would consider that these interventions are themselves powerful social and medical influences on how the child's gender identity will evolve. There are many questions about wow do we deal ethically and responsibly with the current dramatic increase in children presenting as trans, when our knowledge in this area is still evolving and still unclear.